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  • Since its release in 2007, Google’s Android Operating System and its associated ecosystem have grown to be a dominating force in smart mobile devices.

  • ~1.5 M devices activating daily, 400,000 applications in Android Market, over 10 billion downloads.

  • Google Mobile Services comprises a set of applications and services that enables an integrated user experience for the consumer, thus it is an essential indispensible component of the Android experience.

  • GMS is available to OEM/ODM through Google Mobile Application Distribution Agreement.

Android Certification Service Overview

We provides OEM/ODM with the GMS/Android Market services:

  • Verification

  • Integration

  • Certification

  • Maintenance / Regression

Roles and Responsibilities:

OEM/ODM as the manufacturer and distributor, which responsible for:

  • Provide quality final hardware and software

  • Regulatory approvals except Google

  • All other aspect of go-to-market and after sales support

We are responsible for:

  • Final software integration

  • Testing and verification in accordance with Google requirements

  • Quality assurance in accordance with Google requirements

  • Submission to Google, and approval grant by Google

Android Certification Service Milestones